thanks for sharing your amazing work! totally love your angles and colours.
Sarah langford(non-registered)
Where are the pics of the crowd from langford tractor pull. Me and my boyfriend had a pic taken of us eating our chicken lol
Carol Bently(non-registered)
Which is why I surf the internet to enlighten my questions on topic like this. It really helps a lot.. Many thanks!
Judith Richards Shubert(non-registered)
Love your photography. Am so impressed. I was in the stands at the 2014 NC State Fair Tractor Pull and watched you take pictures. Impressive. I love to dabble with my old Olympus and share them on my blog. But mine are nothing to compare to yours. I have a bad habit of wanting to chronicle everything! I could learn a lot from you.
Great pics from DeKalb Super Pull. I pulled in the V8 Hot Rod class, thanks for the excellent coverage.
Rudy Linthorst(non-registered)
I'm surprised seeing the photo's of Gordyville 2014.
I saw some photo's from another person and he had very dark photo's, but looking at your photo's I'm very surprised because if I'm not mistaking you don't use a a flash light.
Keep up the good work!!

I'm a photographer for the Dutch pulling magazine called Pulling Power.
Thanks for the great pics hours of great entertainment enjoy them, u took some great shots of my neighbor Chance Mcgrath on the last chance tractor. thanks and keep taking great shots
Jeffrey Arnold(non-registered)
Nice to meet you at the Hemlock Fair. Keep up the good work!
Cora Gathercole(non-registered)
Nice pictures I love them!
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